For information regarding the Master Manual, Biological Opinions, MRRIC and other related Missouri River issues, please follow the suggested links:

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Federal Agencies/Facilitators/Program Sites:

Missouri River Recovery Implementatin Committee (MRRIC):

Missouri River Recovery Program:

Missouri River Authorized Purposes Study:

Missouri River Ecosytem Restoration Plan (MRERP):

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Northwestern Division:

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) – Columbia Environmental Research Center (Missouri River Research):

U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution:  

State Agencies and/or Associations

Missouri Office of the Attorney General:

Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR):

Missouri DNR-Water Resources Center-Interstate Waters Web Page:

Missouri DNR – Interstate Waters Hot Topics:

Missouri Department of Conservation:

Missouri River Levee and Drainage District Association:


Master Manual, Annual Operating Plan, MRRP & Spring Rise Information

Annual Operating Plans:

Missouri River Basin Management Information (e.g. Current Conditions, Forecasts):

Master Manual Information:

Spring Rise Plenary Process:

Plans for Monitoring Spring Pulse Releases from Gavins Point Dam:

MRRP/BSNP Funding Slides:  MRRP_BSNP Funding Slides

Congressional Letter – Missouri River Master Manual 121815 – Master Manual Congressional Letter 121815

Congressional Letter – Missouri River Master Manual 121815 – letter

Op-Ed: Congressional Letter – Missouri River Master Manual 121815 – op-ed

Missouri River Authorized Purposes Study (MRAPS) Information

General MRAPS information:

MRAPS Draft Public Scoping Report: MRAPS_Draft_Scoping_Summary_Report_4_March_2011

MRAPS Congressional Letter 01.27.2011: MRAPS Congressional Letter 01_27_2011

MRAPS MS River Talking Points 02.23.2011: MRAPS_MS River Talking Points February_23_2011

Senate Appropriations Committee: Senate Appropriation Committee Members

MoDNR MRAPS Scoping Report Comment Letter: MoDNR MRAPS Scoping Report Comment Letter April 2011

2000 & 2003 Amended Biological Opinion/ESA Species Info

General information:

2010 Annual BiOp Report: 2010_MRRP_BiOp Annual Report R_COMBINED_FINAL

Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock Publication – 2011: Middle Basin Broodstock Publication_NGPC 2011


Congressional Delegation Action & Correspondence

Delegation Members to Dept. of Interior – Sediment Issues (May 13, 2011): Luetkemeyer et al. Letter to DOI_05.13.2011

General Information of Interest

Daily River Data:

Missouri Resources Winter 2006:

Missouri River Mitigation Project:

USGS – Missouri River InfoLINK:

The Missouri National Recreation River:

May 30, 2012 Issues Summary Background Information:

MoDNR Surplus Water Letter: Surplus Water Letter 1-28-2011

Corps’ Fact Sheet: Surplus Water Fact Sheet- Determination and Requirements

Surplus Water News Release: Surplus Water News Release – USACE May 9, 2012

Vulnerability Assessment Slides

USGS Report: Rob Jacobson_2011_WetEcolMgt

Scientist questions flood benefits of public lands along Missouri River

USACE Levee Setback Report: Conceptual_Levee_Setbacks_Final_Report (2)

Default Spring Pulse: 2003AmendedBiOp FlowModification GavinsPoint

MO River BSNP Funding Levels Update 9 May 2012

American Rivers Report: American Rivers Report – 2012

Missouri Coalition for Environment News Release

Navigation Op-Ed Article

MO DNR Presentation – October 17, 2012:  CPR board mx 10_17_2012

2013 MLDDA Annual Meeting Presentation:  MLDDA Annual Meeting 030213 FINAL

Appendix 1:  Appendix 1

Appendix 3: Appendix 3

WRRDA 2014:  WRRDA 2014 Conference Report

Corps Response to 2011 Flood Litigation:  Ideker Farms 14-183 – Def Answer – compressed

2015-2016 AOP Meeting Slides: 2015-16 AOP Presentation Summary

2015-2016 Draft AOP Comments: 2015-2016 Draft AOP Comments 111115


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